Keep reaching for the stars!

Maintaining ideal brand perception is all about effectively communicating who you are to your customers.
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Keep reaching for the stars!

Maintaining ideal brand perception is all about effectively communicating who you are to your customers.

All outbound communication is public relations

The goal of a well defined public relations program is to generate, increase and maintain public awareness of a company. This ultimately results in the development of new business, client and consumer retention, investor relations, industry image development and positioning, and employee/stakeholder relations. Our public relations services include:

  • Strategic planning and development of media lists, media kits, press releases, client articles, client bios, company profiles and boilerplate, public and industry talking points, elevator speeches and more
  • Distribution of media kits, articles and news releases to editorial staff via electronic, mail or wire services
  • Coordinating and conducting press conferences for product launches, corporate announcements, event plans, and more
  • Develop internal and media relations strategies and schedules
  • Influencing public relations and controlling crisis situations
  • Creating a unified communications program that addresses individual market segments or target audiences

Social Media Public Relations

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the only public statements a company released were in press releases. Now, there is a constant, free-flow of communication through social media channels. Every piece of branded outbound communication needs to be included in your overall public relations strategy.

Getting your arms around that can be difficult. We use Sprout Social to organize monthly posting calendars to keep you disciplined and on-track.

Reputation Management

The newest public relations task is maintaining your online image, or ORM (Online Reputation Management). Remember, when it comes to brand, perception IS reality. Responding to reviews and star-ratings, and maintaining the most positive image on a host of platforms and web sites is time consuming.

Learn more about how our proprietary reputation management portal can put you back in control of your brand through digital public relations.

public relations and social media marketing

Event and Trade Show Support

We support client participation in trade shows, expositions, announcements and other events with marketing services including:

  • Concept, design and creation of show-stopping trade show booths and graphics
  • Attendance promotion before and during with releases, development of invitations, contests, digital outreach and creative mailers
  • Creation of post-show followup and outreach to continue engagement with prospects, media and markets


Can you remove bad reviews from Yelp?

There is no way to directly remove a Yelp review, however there is a process to remove a false or negative review through Yelp by reporting it to their moderators. There are processes, however, to nurture real positive reviews from customers through third-party services.

Can you delete negative reviews on Google?

There is no way for a business owner to directly remove a customer’s bad review on Google. There are other practices to help counteract bad reviews, as well push customers to generate good reviews to increase your average review score.

Need more cowbell?

Every business needs a little more noise. Just drop us a line to see if we can help.

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