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The Cowbell Agency addresses all four critical compliance issues

  • Compliant Technology
  • Internal Processes and Controls
  • Trained and Certified Staff
  • Proven Record of Compliance

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The Cowbell Agency is your trust HIPAA compliant marketing partner

  • PHI and ePHI are transferred either through direct encrypted CRM integration or dedicated, end-to-end encrypted email.
  • The only marketing professionals at The Cowbell Agency who will see PHI will be HIPAA Business Associate Certified.
  • System includes pre-authorized, HIPAA compliant automated responses to reviewers
  • Anonymous 5-star reviews posted directly to your social media channels
  • All PHI or ePHI is stored on off-site, HIPAA compliant level encrypted server
  • HIPAA Compliance Officer and documented processes

Connects Directly to Most Medical CRMs

Our agency is able to connect most medical CRMs directly for HIPAA safety purposes offering our clients several distinct advantages.

  • It ensures that sensitive patient data remains secure, preventing unauthorized access and potential breaches.
  • Direct CRM integration simplifies compliance with HIPAA regulations, reducing the risk of costly penalties.
  • It also streamlines data access and management, improving efficiency and decision-making.
  • Moreover, seamless CRM-HIPAA integration enhances patient trust and transparency by enabling effective communication while maintaining privacy.
  • It empowers healthcare providers to offer personalized and timely care, ultimately leading to improved patient satisfaction and better healthcare outcomes.

Only HIPAA Certified Associates Will Be Managing Your Account

Having exclusively HIPAA-certified associates at the agency responsible for managing your account offers several invaluable benefits. With their expertise, you can be confident that your sensitive patient data is handled with the utmost care and in strict compliance with HIPAA regulations. This not only minimizes the risk of breaches and legal complications but also ensures that your reputation and patient trust remain intact. Additionally, HIPAA-certified associates are well-versed in healthcare-specific compliance requirements, allowing for more effective and tailored strategies to meet your unique needs. By choosing such a specialized team, you’re not just gaining a service provider; you’re gaining a dedicated partner committed to the highest standards of healthcare data security and regulatory adherence.

HIPAA Compliance review + soliciting management system

This ensures the privacy of patient reviews while enabling healthcare providers to gather valuable feedback for improved services and patient experiences through reviews. It streamlines the process, maintains compliance, and enhances the organization’s reputation. It ensures that the process of collecting and managing patient reviews is conducted in strict accordance with healthcare privacy regulations, safeguarding patients’ sensitive information. This not only builds trust with patients but also mitigates the risk of potential legal issues.

Encrypted Email End-to-End Specifically for Shared ePHI

It ensures the utmost privacy and security of sensitive patient data during transmission, safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches. This not only maintains HIPAA compliance but also fosters trust among patients and healthcare professionals, ultimately contributing to a more secure and reliable healthcare ecosystem.

Encrypted Server for Storing HIPAA PHI

Using an encrypted server for storing HIPAA-protected PHI (Personal Health Information) provides a critical layer of data security. This safeguard ensures that sensitive patient information is protected against unauthorized access and data breaches, maintaining the highest level of compliance with HIPAA regulations. The result is enhanced patient trust, minimized legal risks, and a fortified foundation for safe and confidential healthcare data management.

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