We create!

We carefully craft your core communication elements into a consistent visual and messaged brand.
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We create!

We carefully craft your core communication elements into a consistent visual and messaged brand.

Brand identity

We carefully craft your core communication elements into attention grabbing logos, key claims, graphic standards, collateral, and other continuity elements. Your brand is the foundation of all your marketing. With this critical focus, our branding process involves analysis, strategy, development, rollout, and reinforcement of brand symbol sets and continuity applications that capture and retain mind-share.

What is Branding?

Branding is the identification, manifestation and communication of an entity’s core traits and values that claim a niche image within a defined marketplace.

Think in terms of personality associations [“who” as opposed to “what”] that become a promise of expectation. Consider that:

  • When two choices are similar in performance or stats, branding creates a difference.
  • Branding buys time when responding to market threats or customer situations.
  • Most people are lazy. Branding simplifies the decision-making process with familiarity and predispositions.
  • Branding is the force that binds all business elements together: investor relations, marketing, research and development, public relations, customer service, everything.
  • Branding is what binds your customers to you.

Why is my Brand so important?

Branding has been accelerated by the decline of selling; items are now bought, not sold. Branding cuts through the sales clutter of 1,500+ ads that consumers see per day. Its initial focus is emotional, therefore providing the opportunity for empirical analysis and buy-in.

Branding can be either controlled with market strategy and tactics or uncontrolled, driven by the incidental winds of consumer attitudes, media relations, and employee interaction. We enhance your brand equity with:

  • Symbolism [corporate ID, organization and leadership, products]
  • Differentiation [unique position or claim]
  • Consistency [reinforcement of brand with standards and continuity]
  • Relevance [meaningful to market, prioritize]

Brand standards and consistency

This doesn’t happen by chance. Nor it is achieved through flowing all outbound communication through a congested, narrow pipe of one individuals bandwidth. Larger and more decentralized companies need a thorough, clearly communicated branding standards document.

We’ve created them for several global brands. It contains design elements for logos, corporate colors, ads, presentations, videos, business cards, and even email signatures.

There are sections that try to anticipate every potential task, and shows “dos” and “don’ts.”

The lesson is that controlling a brand is never about relying on individuals to make the right decision; rather, it is about documenting what that decision should be in advance.

    branding examples from the Cowbell Agency

    Print collateral

    Print is not dead. Print remains a tangible, vital takeaway of your brand, product, service and message. From intel-rich product sheets to investment inspiring annual reports, we do award-winning print design and production. Our copywriting, layout, art direction, production and print coordination has evolved and been honed over decades of experience producing concise, creative print collateral, brochures, publications and sales support.

      Packaging and POS (Point-of Sale) 

      Whether your products are distributed through online mega retailers or on the shelves of meticulously managed stores, your packaging has to be eye-catching in design and efficient in its spacial engineering and cost. We perform a strategic analysis of the needs of your package content, shipping requirements, government regulations and sensibilities of your customers. We produce mockups and prototypes of boxes and containers, graphics for direct imprinting or full wrap box labels, and detailed die-lines for container manufacturers.


        packaging and POS branding examples

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