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We all know video is an effective marketing tool. And, we also know that there are ways to take quick and easy informative video, even with your own phone, and use them effectively in all types of campaigns. But there are also ways to make professionally shot and edited video cost effective. It all comes down to using your content effectively.

A good case in point is how we got the most out of a 45 minute video shoot. First, don’t waste your time with a script. Just craft a series of questions designed to elicit unrehearsed responses from someone extremely knowledgeable in their field. This also removed the amount of time required to attempt to memorize a script. Here’s the reality, trying to remember a script looks bad on camera. Next, you use two different camera angles that allow you to edit within answers. Third, after completion, divide up the answers into smaller videos so that each topic can be put into videos of about 2 minutes or less in length. Each one of these topics are the stories you want to tell about why someone should choose to do business with you.

Next, you want to edit down into 15 and 30 second teases on some of the topics to use as video display ads.

By the time you’re done, your one 45-minute session has turned into 5 standalone videos, and 4 different video ads.

We all recognize that good lighting, two cameras, and quality post production can be expensive. The key is to spread those costs across multiple marketing tools.

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